About Snaplii

Our Mission

Snaplii is committed to driving big changes in the North American fintech industry. Our mission is to provide an innovative digital membership management service, which not only enables users to enjoy a one-stop membership benefits and convenient payment system, but also enhances the in-depth marketing effect of merchants. Through Snaplii, merchants can access new members’ information anytime, anywhere and users can enjoy a safe, smooth and convenient membership experience. 

Our Team

Snaplii’s strength lies in its talented people, some which were employed at Fortune 500s or at prestigious start-up companies. Snaplii’s company culture has a strong focus on the growth mindset and value learning and development, in order for its employees to continue performing their best. This passionate team strives to create a revolutionary e-wallet to serve local merchants and customers by adapting a strong ‘Silicon Valley’ mindset and to offer the best for its customers. They also want to be the enterprise that can become an incubator for more outstanding talents and entrepreneurs in the future.

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